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Drug Tenders, Medicine Tenders
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Product Detail : Supply of drugs and medicines - inh. isoflurane 250ml, inh. sevoflurane 250ml bottle, inj. 5-fluro uracil 500 mg, inj. acetylcystine 400mg 2 ml ampoule, inj. actinomycin d 500 mcg, inj. acyclovir 250 mg, inj. acyclovir 500mg, inj. adenosine 6mg, inj. adrenaline 1 ml ampoule, inj. alteplase 20mg, inj. alteplase 50mg, inj. aminophylline 10 ml, inj. amiodarone hcl 150mg/3 ml, inj. ampicillin 750 mg, inj. ampicllin 1 gm, inj. anti-d immunoglobulin 300, mcg, inj. arsenic 10 mg, inj. artesunate 60 mg, inj. atracurium 25mg/ 2.5ml, inj. atropine 0.6 mg 1 ml ampoule, inj. azithromycin 500 mg, inj. bendamustine 100 mg, inj. bevacizumab 100 mg, inj. bevacizumab 400 mg, inj. bleomycin 15 iu, inj. bortezomib 2 mg, inj. bupivacaine 0.25% / 20ml, inj. bupivacaine 0.5% / 20ml, inj. bupivacaine heavy 4ml, inj. buprenorphine 300 mcg 1ml, inj. cabazetaxel 60 mg, inj. caffeine citrate 10mg/ml, inj. calcium carbonate, inj. calcium gluconate 10 ml ampoule, inj. carboplatin 150 mg, inj. carboplatin 450 mg, inj. cefazolin sodium 500mg, inj. cefuroxime 1.5 gm, inj. cefuroxime 250 mg, inj. cefuroxime 750 mg, inj. cisplatin 10 mg, inj. cisplatin 50 mg, inj. clindamycine 300 mg, inj. clindamycine 600 mg 4 ml ampoule, inj. cloxacillin 250mg, inj. coagulation factor viii 250 iu, inj. colistemethate 1 million iu, inj. cyclophosphamide 1000 mg, inj. cyclophosphamide 200 mg, inj. cyclophosphamide 500 mg, inj. cytarabin 100 mg, inj. cytarabin 1000 mg, inj. cytarabin 500 mg, inj. dacarbazine 200 mg, inj. dacarbazine 500 mg, inj. daunorubicin 20 mg, inj. etophyline + theophyline 1 ml, inj. dexamethasone 4mg/ml 2ml vial, inj. dextrose 25% 25ml, inj. dextrose 50% 25ml, inj. diazepam 5mg 1 ml ampoule, inj. diclofenac 75mg / 1ml, inj. digoxin 2 ml, inj. diltiazem 5 mg/ml, inj. dobutamine hcl 50 mg/ ml 5 ml, ampoule, inj. docetaxel 120 mg, inj. dopamine 40 mg/ml 5 ml ampoule, inj. doxorubicin 10 mg, inj. doxorubicin 50 mg, inj. doxycycline 100 mg, inj. enoxaparin pfs 40 mg, inj. enoxaparin pfs 60 mg, inj. erythropoetin 10000 iu, inj. erythropoetin 4000iu, inj. esmolol 10ml, inj. etanercept 25 mg, inj. etoposide 100 mg, inj. factor ix 600 iu, inj. factor ix 500 iu, inj. filgrastim 300 mcg, inj. fluconazole 2mg/ml 100 ml, inj. gedobenate 529 mg/ml, inj. gemcitabine (as gemcitabine, hydrochloride) 1 g powder for, solution, inj. gemcitabine (as gemcitabine, hydrochloride) 200 mg powder for solution, inj. glycopyrolate 0.2mg 1 ml ampoule, inj. haloperidol 5mg/ml 1ml, inj. heparine 25000 iu, inj. heparine 5000 iu, inj. human gamma globulin 5% 100 ml, bottle, inj. human growth hormone 15mg, inj. human insulin (soluble ) 40 iu 10 ml, vial, inj. hydrocortisone sod. 100mg vial, inj. hydroxyethylstarch 500ml, inj. hyoscine butyl bromide 20 mg/ml, inj. ifosfamide 1gm, inj. imipenem 1g+ cilastat 1g, inj. imipenem 500 mg, inj. influenza vaccine (h1n1), inj. insulin30/70 h.biph. 10ml, inj. intermediate acting (nph), insulin, inj. irinotican 100mg, inj. iron sucrose 100 mg/5ml ampoule, inj. kcl 10ml (potassium chloride), inj. labetalol 20mg/4ml ampoule, inj. l-asparginase 10000 iu, inj. l-asparginase 5000 iu, inj. levetiracetam 250mg, inj. levetiracetam 5ml 100 mg/ml, inj. levofloxacin 100ml bottle, inj. ligcocaine hcl for iv use 2% 50 ml, inj. lignocaine hcl 2 % 30ml vial, inj. lignocaine hcl 4% vial 30 ml, inj. lignocaine+adrenaline (1 2 lacs) 30 ml, inj. linezolid 600mg/300ml bottle, inj. lorazepam 4mg/2ml, inj. magnesium sulphate 50% ampoule, inj. mannitol 20% 100ml bottle, inj. mephentermine 30mg/ml, 10ml, inj. mesna 100 mg/ml 2 ml, inj. methotrexate 15 mg, inj. methotrexate 1gm, inj. methotrexate 500 mg, inj. methotrexate 50mg, inj. methylergometrin 0.2 mg/ ml 1 ml, ampoule, inj. metoclopramide 5 mg/ml 2 ml ampoule, inj. metoprolol 5mg, inj. midazolam 10 mg/10ml vial, inj. midazolam 5mg/5ml vial, inj. multivitamin 10 ml, inj. naloxone hcl 400mcg, inj. neostigmin 0.5mg 1 ml ampoule, inj. neostigmine 2.5mg /5 ml, inj. noradrenaline 2mg/ml 2ml ampoule, inj. ntg (nitroglycerine) 10ml, inj. ofloxacine 100 ml, inj. ondansetron 4mg 2ml ampoule, inj. oxaliplatin 50 mg, inj. paclitaxel 100 mg, inj. paclitaxel 260 mg, inj. paclitaxel 30 mg, inj. pancuronium 4mg / 2ml, inj. pantoprazole 40 mg, inj. paracetamol 150 mg/ ml 2 ml ampoule, inj. paracetamol 1gm/100ml bottle, inj. pec gcsf 6 mg, inj. pentazocine 30 mg, inj. pheniramine maleate 1ml, inj. phenobarbitone 200mg, inj. phenytoin sodium 50 mg/ml 2 ml, ampoule, inj. phytomendione 1mg (vit k) 1 ml, ampoule, inj. promethazine50mg 2ml, inj. propofol 1% 10 ml, inj. propofol 1% 20 ml, inj. propofol 1% 50ml, inj. protamin suiphate 10 mg/ml 5 ml, ampoule, inj. rituximab 500 mg, inj. sodium bicarbonate 7.5 mg 10 ml, ampoule, inj. sodium nitroprusside 50mg, inj. sodium valproate 100mg/ml 5ml, inj. streptokinase 1500000 iu, inj. streptokinase 750000 iu, inj. succinyl choline 50 mg/ml, inj. thiopentone 1gm, inj. thiopentone 500mg, inj. tramadol 50mg/ml 2 ml ampoule, inj. tranexamic acid 500mg, inj. transtuzumab 440 mg, inj. va
Tender Location : Chhattisgarh - India
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Tender Closing Date : 16/07/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 16/07/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
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Sub-Industry/Industry : Education And Research Institute - Non-financial Services   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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